NWB start sales in Spain and Portugal


We are happy to announce that Inigo Echeverria is starting as an Area Manager for NWB in Spain and Portugal.


“Our target at NWB, is to hire and make agent/partner agreements with people/companies who have enough expertise and knowledge about their markets and built network in our line of business. Additionally, we want our staff to have a modern approach to operation, and the knowledge needed in every digital channel available to reach their goals. Inigo represents all that. After market research and customer analysis, we will start the proper sales. He starts as an Area Manager in Spain and Portugal 1.4.2022. Inigo is also helping Koneikko Oy to increase their international business” Says Heikki Hilpelä/CEO NWB Finland Oy.

More news soon from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi-Arabia etc.


Inigo background, interests, and competence

“I am thrilled to start collaborating with NWB in the Iberian markets as there is a huge potential for a modern and sustainable solutions in the packaging industry. Spain is a leading country in the production of wines, cooking oils and other liquid products that need to be stored before selling. As a professional, I have experience in the Iberian food and beverage industry, having worked as an Iberian wine importer in the Nordic countries. “says Inigo.


More information

NWB Finland Oy/Heikki Hilpelä/CEO

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NWB start sales in Spain and Portugal

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