NWB Finland Oy and Polar Spring Oy strengthen their cooperation with a new agreement

Aiming for domestic and international growth, NWB Finland Oy and Polar Spring Oy have signed an agreement. The purpose of the cooperation agreement is to accelerate the growth of both companies in domestic and international markets.


NWB Finland Oy/CEO Heikki Hilpelä and Polar Spring Oy/CEO Niilo Pellonmaa have signed a new agreement.


The cooperation agreement includes the modification of Polar Spring's production lines and machinery to function with NWB's packaging. In addition, the agreement gives NWB the right to sell Polar Springs spring water in NWB’s own packages, bothin Finland and internationally, as well as the right to sell Polar Spring's own products on foreign markets.

"The cooperation with Polar Spring supports NWB's international growth strategy and accelerates sales faster than expected. Polar Spring is a great partner with whom we can continue to grow together. Our strength in the international markets also supports Polar Spring's growth," says Heikki Hilpelä, CEO of NWB Finland Oy. The use of new packaging supplied by NWB and the sale of Finnish spring water packaged by Polar Spring is scheduled to begin in spring 2022. Pilot sales projects are already running.

"We are actively keeping track of what kind of packaging is being developed for the markets. NWB has succeeded in reducing the amount of plastic in its packaging, and we hope that consumer perception towards the new products is positive. We want to be involved in the development of new ecological beverage packaging solutions, and we are happy to take them into our product range," says Niilo Pellonmaa, CEO of Polar Spring.

Planning modified production lines, Koneikko Oy (owned by NWB Finland Oy) has begun to design the modification intended for Polar Spring's BIB and PET lines. In the future, their production lines can be used both with packaging supplied by NWB as well as with other packaging that are already in use. Modifying existing production lines and machinery to suit different packaging is cost-effective and faster than building completely new production lines. The internationally awarded beverage packaging (BIB) developed by NWB contains 72% less plastic than a traditional beverage bottle. The packaging takes up 35% less space in transportation and 90% less space in waste containers. The Combi PET bottle, developed by the company, also reduces the need for plastic by at least 50%, compared to a traditional PET bottle.

"Our products to be sold includes NWB beverage packaging, production machines, equipment and lines, as well as production line modification. In addition, the best water in the world", Hilpelä says, specifying NWB's future product offering.



(Ltd) NWB Finland Oy sells the best spring water in the world, while also providing expert services to its customers. Packing machines are used for ecological beverage packaging, which have been patented. The company aims to grow into a global player in the beverage industry and significantly help reduce the international environmental burden.


(Ltd) Koneikko Oy, owned by NWB, is an innovative and versatile machine automation company- founded in 1979 in Oulunsalo, Finland. The companyspecializes in production automation solutions for manufacturing and packaging industries. For over 40 years of operation, Koneikko Oy has implemented hundreds of new automation systems and delivered a significant number of used equipment to Finnish and foreign companies operating in all kinds of industries.


(Ltd) Polar Spring Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2003 that focuses on the packaging, sale and marketing of genuine Finnish spring water. The company delivers spring water under its own brand (Polar Spring) as well as private label products under the customer's own brands, both in Finland and internationally.


More information:

Heikki Hilpelä
NWB Finland
+358 40 042 8332,

Niilo Pellonmaa
Polar Spring
+358 50 021 1902,


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