The new NWB Combi PET contains 50-70% less PET plastic than a traditional bottle. The outer shell is made of recycled cardboard, which recycled portion is up to 50%. The package is appropriate for the Finnish PALPA recycle system. NWB Combi PET is suitable for different kind of beverages drinks.

Product highlights

Environmentally friendly packaging

NWB Combi PET is environmentally friendlier than a standard PET bottle, because NWB Combi PET contains 50–70% less plastic. The cardboard outer shell is made with 50% recycled materials.

For different types of beverages

NWB Combi PET suits different kinds of beverage types, including carbonated and non carbonated drinks.

We aim to make a difference.

NWB packaging is a key to a cleaner planet. Our packaging solutions target many problematic areas in logistics, usage and recycling.

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We aim to make a difference