NWB Bevel benefits consumers

NWB Bevel fits very well on fridge’s shelf and easy to dispense without taking it out from fridge. Package has integrated carrying handle, so there will be no unecological plastic handle. When commissioning tap is easy to install due to perforation. 


NWB Bevel practical sizes

Practical sizes

NWB Bevel mahtuu lähes jokaisen jääkaapin hyllylle siten, että juomaa on helppo kaataa lasiin ottamatta pakkausta pois jääkaapista.

NWB Bevel stackable design

Stackable design

NWB Bevel packaging is designed with the modular approach: two matching packs form a 2-pack unit, which helps to buy and carry bigger volume and needs less space than bottles

NWB Bevel easy to use

Easy to use

There is no need to take packaging out from the fridze and pour to a glass. From NWB Bevel packaging beverage is easy to dispence directly from the fridge.

NWB Bevel carrying handle

Carrying handle

Use of plastic has been reduced also replacing plastic carrying handle by functional opening on the top of the package.

NWB bevel optimal recycling

Optimal recycling

When recycling used package, it is very easy to separate the different packaging materials and recycle them.

NWB Bevel environment friendly choise

Environment friendly choise

NWB Bevel packaging includes 72% less plastic when comparing to plastic bottles. It has huge benefits when transporting due it effective desing. Corrugated box and plastic bag is easy to recycle.  

NWB Bevel benefits for producers and retailers

NWB Bevel is more environmental friendly option for beverage package. It has unique benefits and cost savings for producers and retail. 

NWB Bevel packaging is fuctionally designed with the modular approach. This maximum space utilisation cuts costs in transportation, storage and in retail.

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