NWB Bevel benefits consumers

Our NWB Bevel package fits on almost every refrigerator shelf. It is easy to pour the drink into the glass without removing the package from the refrigerator. The NWB Bevel package has an integrated carrying handle, so there is no need for a non-ecological plastic one. The tap is easy to install. 


NWB Bevel practical sizes

Practical sizes

It is easy to pour the drink into the glass without removing the packaging from the refrigerator, because our NWB Bevel package fits on almost every refrigerator shelf.

NWB Bevel stackable design

Stackable design

NWB Bevel is designed with the modular approach: two matching packs form a 2-pack unit, which helps to buy and carry bigger volume and needs less space than bottles.

NWB Bevel easy to use

Easy to use

There is no need to take the NWB Bevel out from the fridge to pour your drink into a glass. With NWB Bevel it is convenient and easy to dose your drink straight from the fridge.

NWB Bevel carrying handle

Carrying handle

The use of materials and waste are smaller with our NWB Bevel package. For example because of the implementation of a functional opening on the top of the package and with that avoiding the usage of a plastic carrying handle.

NWB bevel optimal recycling

Optimal recycling

NWB Bevel is perforated which simplifies the disassembling of the unit. It is very easy to separate the different packaging materials and recycle them.

NWB Bevel environment friendly choise

Environment friendly choice

In our NWB Bevel packaging we use 72% less plastic compared to plastic bottles. The effective design of the beveled box reduces the transportation traffic up to 35%. The corrugated box and the plastic bag are easy to recycle and waste transport is about 90% less.  

NWB Bevel benefits for manufacturers and retailers

NWB Bevel is a more environmentally friendly option for beverage packaging. It has unique benefits and cost savings for producers and retail. 

NWB Bevel is functionally designed with the modular approach. This maximum space utilisation cuts costs in transportation, storage and in retail.

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