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Water in NWB design bevel box – make sence.

NWB Bevel Box is an environmentally friendly beverage packaging that is easily recyclable and logistically cost-effective. The product's unique design and shape is uniquely user-friendly and consumer-efficient - every  drop goes to use.  


  • Serving water from the package to others and yourself is easier and more elegant.
  • Pure, cold, crystal-clear spring water straight from the fridge - feel refreshing.
  • Environmentally friendly
    - less plastic
    - logistically effective
    - low carbon footprint
NWB Bevel

What's your liquid?

Private label

We know that you love the design and the large surfaces for visibility in our new bevel bag-in-box. Alongside our great design, the package comes with functional advantages.
The dispenser solves problems with spills and smuts – regardless of what liquid is inside.
Our package is easy to carry with an innovative handle.
It stays upright and fits many places where other packages don’t: the fridge, unstable surfaces, narrow cabinets and shelves as well as any vehicle to mention a few.
Our bevel BIB comes in three sizes: 1,5 L, 3 L, and 5 liters.    
So, are you ready to package your liquid in our bag-in-box and make it your own?
Remember, we also make production lines that produce the new bevel BIB.

Let's put your liquid in our package!

Less plastic waste

NET weight of plastic for 6 litres of liquid


Plastic bottles

4 x 1,5 L


of plastic waste




NWB Bevel

2 x 3 L

70 g

of plastic waste

Low carbon footprint

CO2e/l comparison


Glass bottle

0.75 L / 540 g


g CO2e/l


Plastic bottle

0.75 L


g CO2e/l


NWB Bevel

3 L


g CO2e/l