NWB water brand is Joi!


“Since the end of 2021 we have been developing our own brand product.  We collaborated with visual communication design students at Aalto University School of Arts, Design, and Architecture. And now our team has finalised the new packaging design,” explains Heikki Hilpelä, CEO of NWB Finland oy.
“Our global brand will be Joi and we can offer our customers many different looks, patterns, and designs (16) to choose the best fit to their customers. The slogan of our spring water product is ENJOI THE BEST WTR,” Heikki continues.

We can also offer this packaging box to different beverages manufacturers to incorporate their own brand visuals. Another option is to start a private label.

A few examples of our Joi Packaging


We are increasing our business 

Five different Arabic countries are joining our agent network: UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. “Market potential is huge and strong e.g., the UAE is ranked fifth in the world for bottled water consumption per capita. Each person drinks about 214 litres a year. Our unique package design allows us to use less plastic, while still delivering the best possible customer and consumer experience. We aim to contribute towards the distribution of the highest quality water available and are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment,“ says Kumar Perumal, new company founding partner.  

In German markets we are steadily progressing to find an excellent agent partnership.


For more information contact: 
Heikki Hilpelä CEO of NWB Finland Oy | heikki.hilpela@nwb.fi

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NWB water brand is Joi!

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