NWB started a new partnership in the Arabic countries

“Our strategy in the markets which are located far from Finland is to find one big partner, who can handle the whole market area. We are very happy to have found such a partner in the Arabic/Gulf countries. We see huge opportunities to our Finnish water products in this market, “says Heikki Hilpelä, CEO of NWB Finland oy.

NWB new partner for Finnish spring water

“We are operating in the Arabic/Gulf countries, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Our vision in the Middle Eastern region is to leave a better planet for the Future Generations. That vision is underpinned by our long-term commitment to invest in and develop the water distribution that will have a positive impact in the region, “says Kumar Perumal, new company founding partner.

Market potential is huge and strong e.g., the UAE is ranked fifth in the world for bottled water consumption per capita. Each person drinks about 214 litres a year. Our unique package design allows us to use less plastic, while still delivering the best possible customer and consumer experience. We aim to contribute towards the distribution of the highest quality water available and are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment. Our efforts include package optimization, carbon footprint reduction and water source stewardship,” continues Kumar Perumal.

Next steps

“We are now working with on trade-strategy target to rapid geographical growth combined with a narrow channel of development. First step is brand awareness in the retail market, and to make known its premium water quality and then target the hotels and restaurants. We are privileged and proud to be a part of this important journey in the Middle East and we welcome your participation where opportunities prevail, “comments Kumar Perumal.


For more information contact:

Heikki Hilpelä
CEO of NWB Finland Oy

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NWB started a new partnership in the Arabic countries

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