Koneikko Oy Is Developing Modified Production Lines with NWB’s Cooperating Partner

Koneikko Oy, owned by NWB Finland Oy, is working with a partner developing a modified industry production line for NWB’s BIB and Combi bottles. During the first phase, Koneikko Oy will be modifying the cooperating partner’s existing BIB and PET production lines and machinery to also function with NWB’s packaging. The aim is to be able to provide future customers with modified beverage production lines that can be used with both the customer’s currently used packaging as well as with NWB´s new ecological Bevel BIB and Combi PET packaging.

The modification of production lines will enable us to start producing and selling our new beverage packaging solutions in the beginning of 2022. Modifying existing production lines, instead of building new ones, also requires smaller investments from customers and makes the transition into using NWB’s packaging more cost-effective.


Koneikko Oy & NWB Finland Oy

Koneikko Oy designs, manufactures and maintains machinery and production lines for different industrial sectors in accordance with customers’ needs and with more than 40 years of experience. NWB Finland Oy acquired Koneikko in June 2021 with an objective to be able to offer pervasive solutions to customers, including ecological product packaging as well as machinery required for production.

NWB Finland Oy produces packaging focused on reducing the environmental impact that the beverage packing industry has on the global environment. Our packaging solutions benefit consumers by reducing the amount of plastic used, as well as beverage producers and retailers by reducing the amount of space needed in transportation and storage.


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