NWB is representing Marcarbox machines in Scandinavian markets

NWB will we agent for Macarbox machineries for Scandianvian market. Co-operation has been startered earlier in the Autumn 2020 already. Their product portfolio fits well in NWB offering giving NWB opportunity to have deeper relationship with its partners.

Macarbox manufactures technologically advanced and high performance converting machinery for corrugated board out of high quality materials produced in the European Union.

We have a great team of professionals committed to the state-of-the-art technology, innovation, continuous improvement and unwavering in the search of the best solution for our customers.

In the context of quick technological changes the perfect combination of know-how, technology, innovative and dynamic spirit of Macarbox, combined with our Customers’ needs and knowledge, leads to solutions integrating quality, reliability and flexibility at competitive prices.



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