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Type: Share issue
Size of the issue: EUR 299.950,29
Valuation (PM): EUR 8.300.000
Minimum subscription: EUR 2984,58


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Massive room for growth

Finnish natural spring water, innovative and environmentally friendly beverage packaging.  

The market for drinking water is worth hundreds of billions. Bottled water sold daily has reached 1,2 billion liters so far and the amount is constantly growing.

NWB's goal is to be one of the key players in the natural spring water category with environmentally friendly packaging.

For the last few years, the company has focused on product development, technical planning and patents. We are now kickstarting the commercial phase with a new  team and new contracts.




People behind NWB

Ronnie Weiman

Ronnie Weiman

Chairman of the Board,Shareholder

+358 400 407 660

ronnie.weiman( )

Jukka Huikari

Jukka Huikari

Board member, Shareholder

+358 45 123 63 90

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