Finnish spring water, perfectly packaged

Finland is rich in water which has the highest quality in the world. This is due to low population density, minimum of traffic, as well as a huge effort taken to conserve nature.


European retail chains

We sell our spring water products to international retail chains with comprehensive sales networks for consumers.

Offered products:

  • Our NWB spring water products
  • Private Label manufacturing, which combines Finnish water and NWB's ecological packaging

International sales network

We seek rapid growth by leveraging strategic partners and sales agents, who have local presence in the target markets and have established relationships with our target customers.

  • Sales agents starting in March 2022: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland
  • Negotiations with sales partners ongoing: UK, France
  • Inventory of sales partners in progress: Germany
  • Pilot project underway and preliminary agreement of package production received: USA & Canada

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