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We create successful products for more sustainable future.

We have been rethinking beverage packaging. Our packaging is focused on reducing the environmental impact that the beverage packing industry has on the global environment. NWB packaging solutions have advantages for users as well as producers and retail. Functionality is a key issue which makes them easy to use while having great benefits in logistics and creating less plastic and other waste


We supply production lines for beverage producers

NWB´s experienced team will help customers to build production lines for packaging beverages. We supply machinery for production line by using own design NWB machines combined with best suitable equipment from the market.

We represent other world class brands in Scandinavian region.

NWB is able to help our customers in various package projects. We supply world class machinerys for filling and prduction line as a turn key project or just help customers to plan to set up a production site not only to beverage industry but also machinery for corrugated board industry where we represent Macarbox machinerys in Nordics.

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Collaboration with Aalto University VCD students brings fresh ideas to NWB Finland

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NWB:n omistamalle Koneikko OY:lle uusi operatiivinen johtaja

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NWB Finland Oy:n osakeanti – ympäristöystävällisillä innovaatioilla kansainväliseen vesi- ja pakkausmarkkinaan

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NWB Finland Oy and Polar Spring Oy strengthen their cooperation – Aiming for domestic and international growth

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Our innovative product family

NWB Bevel beverage package
NWB Bevel beverage package

NWB Bevel

Beverage packages

NWB Bevel package is the most environmentally friendly package for beverages. It is recyclable, user friendly and logistically efficient. NWB packaging has a unique design and shape.


Beverage packages

NWB Combi PET is an environment friendly alternative to a traditional PET bottle. Reduced plastics and great store visibility makes it a great choise for all kinds of beverages.

NWB Innopal pallet system
NWB Innopal pallet system

NWB Innopal

Pallet system

NWB Innopal is a cost effective and flexible pallet system. It has durable stands and the size can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements. It is ecologically friendly when transporting and recycling.

We aim to make a difference.

NWB Solutions

NWB Solutions

NWB’s experienced team will help customers build production lines for packaging liquids. Team members have decades of experience in the beverage industry which will help customers to plan an in-house logistic for material flow.

Our product representations in Scandinavian region

Aran beverage bags

Aran Group is a global (operation or operator) in the liquid packaging industry. It has grown to be one of the most prominent companies in BIB solutions.

Aran products

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Innovations for a Sustainable Future

We believe that our innovations will help to change the packaging industry to be able to save our nature. Our patented packaging solutions are saving plastics in beverage packages and targets many problematic areas in logistics, usage and recycling.