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Fresh pure natural spring water

World's best spring water

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Drink the best, clean, enjoyable water and to be health and be happy !

“There must be something in the water” is a saying and We believe it’s true. According to many studies, Nordic countries are in the top 8 happiest countries in the world and simultaneously studies show, that the best quality drinking water originates from the very same regions. We don’t think being the happiest in the world and drinking the best water could be a coincidence.

Thus, we have packed happiness for you. Each NWB package contains world’s best spring water. 



Finnish spring water from the Salpausselkä region

The world's best water comes from Finland. We sell and export clean and clear Finnish spring water to anywhere in the world.

Our water comes from  Salpausselkä, Finland. Salpausselkä is not only known for picture perfect skiing sceneries, but also from our fresh tasting spring water that originates from the purity of the ground. Thick layers of sand and moraine gravel add rich natural minerals that helps the body to maintain its fluid balance and may increase your wellness.

In addition to our Bevel bag-in-box, we have a wide range of different-sized packages and bottles to offer.