New beverage packaging innovation to make a difference

Beverage packaging full of innovation and common sense

Our new packaging concept, called NWB packaging, is recyclable, user friendly and logistically efficient. NWB packaging has a unique design and shape and it builds on the Bag-In-Box principle consisting of three parts: an outer corrugated box, a flexible bag and a dispenser. The box protects the product from direct sunlight and the bag and dispensing tap ensure minimal contact of liquid with air even after opening giving it an extended shelf life. Due to its unique modular design with matching 2-pack units it is stackable and fills the euro-pallet perfectly thus cutting costs in logistics. All sizes of NWB packages also fit easily to fridge, keeping the liquid cooler and easy to use straight from the shelf.

Main features and benefits
  • Stackable and compact
  • Logistically efficient
  • Preserves beverages in optimum conditions
  • Easy to use 
  • Environment friendly

We aim to make a difference

We care for our planet and we want to be part of keeping it clean for the future generations. Our packaging solution targets many problematic areas in logistics, usage and recycling. NWB is a key to a cleaner planet. At the moment mankind consumes 165 billion litres of bottled water per year. With that in mind...

  • NWB packaging has 72% less plastic than PET bottles
  • NWB packaging is 35% more efficient in space utilization than current PET bottles
  • NWB packaging can reduce waste transportation by up to 90%
  • 70-80%less waste than glass bottles

  • 1/2marine toxity per pack vs PET bottles

  • up to 50Xlighter than than steel alternatives

  • up to 17Xmore efficient to produce than HDPE

  • 42%less CO2 on average than next best alternative

  • 50%lighter on average than the next best alternative


Design innovation

NWB packaging solves the needs of the customer as well as production's and logistics'. NWB's simple design contains a lot of functions to make it stand out from the crowd. 

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Carrying handle

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NWB stacks for transport, storage and retail

NWB packaging is designed with the modular approach: two matching packs form a 2-pack unit, which are stackable and fill the euro-pallet perfectly. There is no need for secondary cardboard box as in traditional BiB packaging. This maximum space utilisation cuts costs in transportation, storage and in retail.

Packaging sizes

Practical sizes for all markets

NWB packaging is available in two different sizes that work well with logistics and customer demand. Both sizes are easy to carry and they work well in storage and use. Sizes also fit a standard pallet perfectly so there is no wasted space in transport.


Innovation to benefit you

So what makes the NWB packaging better than other solutions out there? Well in short - a lot of things. Here are a couple of examples...

Cost effective modern filling line

Together with an innovative NWB packaging solution we offer a cost effective modern filling line. Production line options are available from semi- to full automated lines with packaging capacity up to 15 packages per minute. Aseptic filling and packaging line solutions are also possible to guarantee high quality and extended shelf life.

We work with established suppliers

Our network consists of established and reliable pack&tech suppliers and we work with leading packaging companies and filling line producers. We also offer a full service approach with the project management support from layout planning to successful implementation.

Lower investment value

The investment for NWB packaging and filling line is more affordable compared to PET lines with similar capacity. We offer different financing plans including leasing financing.

Maximum space utilisation

The new NWB packaging is logistically more efficient than PET bottles in warehousing and transportation due to maximum utilisation of the pallet space. For example, this cuts transportation costs and required storage space up to 35% compared to PET bottles.

Minimum waste on packaging materials

In store logistics and handling NWB packaging is ready for shelf without difficult unpacking in the store. No packaging waste from secondary packaging or additional in-between support materials on a pallet.

Branding and Differentation

Our innovative NWB packaging stands out with its modern design and large printable surfaces visible to all directions.

Great In-Store visibility

NWB packaging is ready for shelf and NWB packaging on a pallet provides a great store visibility and can be used as a ready in-store display pallet in promotions.

Easy Recycling

Easy recycling leads to considerably less garbage disposal traffic compared PET bottles. The needed plastic to produce NWB packaging is 72% less than PET alternatives.

Less carbon footprint

Our outer box is made of corrugated board that contains recyclable content up to 88%. Compared to next best alternatives Bag-in-Bog solution has 42 % less carbon footprint and is 50% lighter

Production benefits

Cost effective modern filling line

Together with an innovative NWB packaging solution we offer a cost-effective modern filling line. We work with established and reliable suppliers. We also offer a full service approach from turn-key plan with project management support to successful implementation.


NWB is a lot of things in a catchy packaging

NWB is a lot of things in a small package.  This video will tell you what you need to know in a compact form...

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